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During this tour, Mahatat recalled the recent memory of the Opera on Balconies performances – but this time with a different type of music.  The Awtar Quartet band was transported from the confines of opera halls to the streets of Damietta and Mansoura. Similar to Opera on Balconies, the idea was to take this type of art to a platform not customary and traditional to it. Traveling across the Delta, 4 artists with their 3 violins and a cello managed to play classical music to around 700 passersby in the street. The crowds reacted happily and were responsive to the traditional street music – which usually means no microphones or speakers. As the title suggests, ‘scheherazade’ classical music was performed and meant to offer a moment for people to forget their day-to-day worries, and instead, enjoy a fun and intimate moment with the musicians and their neighbours.


Awtar Quartet: Essam Abd Al-Hameed, Khaled Saleh, Mohammed Abd Al-Fattah, Yasser Ghonem

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