Sara Refaat

November 12, 2017

Categories: team members

I have a personal passion for Arts; Visual arts, like Drawing, painting and Calligraphy, as well as Music, I have dedicated my time and effort during the past year to learning different Art techniques, as well as volunteering in a Street Art Project in an unprivileged area, working together with an architectural office on creating a cultural hub for the residents of the area. For the past couple of years, I worked as a training coordinator in a Non-Governmental Organization specialized in developing orphanages; through this exposure I became more and more convinced of the increasing role of non-formal education, especially Art education both to children and adults, I believe in the role of art in shaping personalities, therapy, as well as social and human development. Also, I have experienced, personally, the impact of Art on my life and I admire those who deliver and promote Art.