the world is our playground

the world is our playground

From 17, August 2016 to 20 August 2016

This workshop was designed for children to imagine, design and develop new games to play in their neighborhoods. The workshop is based on the concept of “the world is our playground” which invites children to wonder about the significance of gaming and how to manufacture their own individually and collectively. All 19 participants, aged 8 to 13 years, became accustomed to the process of gaming by creating their own from idea to final product. The event was lead by Weladna, a team that inspires fun educational spaces and products that facilitate critical thinking, self-expression and self-learning. Mostafa Hussein from Readymade, an organization that repurposes items into designs, is an artist that helped with the facilitation and final product which was created with mostly recycled material. The workshop took place at the Research and Documentation Center for Children’s Literature and, with the help of Mahatat, the final games were presented in the street in front of the center. The hope is that children continue to use their public and shared spaces for creative games and collaboration.


Makouk (previously named Weladna) , Readymade (Mustafa Hussein)

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Drosos Foundation

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