the moving theatre

the moving theatre

From February 10 - 2016 to February 20-2016

There is a hope in creating passionate, unruly and noisy presentations in public space, presentations that really can take any shape, and welcome any artistic expression. The relationship between an artist and his community is something the Face to Face program wants to focus on, this means being conscious and self-aware in finding new tactics on how an artist wants to communicate to a potential audience, in how far the relationship with the community plays a role.

Personal investment is pre-dominant, but it might be noticed during the process that it is more interesting to combine personal narratives and expressions into one bigger meta-story. Creating a dialogue with public space and raising the artistic voices to challenge and debate with the surroundings.
As evident in the above text, trainer Ruud Gielens hoped to capture the artists talents by asking them to experiment with theatre through the city. Together with writer Hussam Helaly, the trainers facilitated 6 participants from diverse backgrounds in Port Said. For ten days they worked together, not just on acting and performance techniques, but also on what it means to look at your streets with new eyes. The workshop concluding with 8 performances to an audience of over 300 in a moving theatre guiding audiences from location to location.


Ruud Gielens, Hussam Helaly

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