tales’ nights

tales’ nights

From 10/6/2017 to 15/6/2017

A 5-day tour as a part of our Art of Transit project which features tours by performing artists and musicians through different decentralized cities in Egypt. The tour of a storytelling performance of the “Kalila & Dimna” stories, was accompanied by music and light design in the form of a contemporary performance during 10-15 June in Ramadan of 2017
“Kalila & Dimna” as a cultural heritage is one of the most ancient and important books in the Arabic literature. It is called Kalila and Dimna, after the two jackals who are the main characters. The book was written mainly for the instruction of civil citizens through simple and meaningful fairytale situations.


  • Writer: Hussam Hilali.
  • Preparation & Storytellers: Ahmed Shokry – Naglaa Younes
  • Violin: Naglaa Younes
  • Light design: Omar Madkour


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