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From 18/01/2012 to 23/06/2012

An art in public space project in Cairo and Giza

Shaware3na is the title of Mahatat’s launching project and the Arabic word for “our streets” — the streets belong to us. The interventions took place in Cairo and Giza and reached over 11,000 people on the corners of popular streets and inside the Cairo Metro. The initiative came together through a series of dynamic projects:

Stop and Dance: 12 dancers, both foreigners and Egyptians performed in Cairo’s metro with three dancing groups doing Capoeira, Breakdance and Parkour in the metro stations. The contemporary dance group had a two-week workshop before the performances led by three dance instructors from Egypt, Germany and Italy.

BuSsy: The storytelling group Bussy, which is based on the vagina monologues organised for Egyptian women to perform real life stories from women in Egypt in the women’s carriages in the metro.
Hara TV: The theatre group consisted of two Egyptian women and one Egyptian man who performed a sexual harassment story in the metro carriages. The interactive theatre was performed so the audience did not know that it was a performance until the end of the performance. This was to engage people with their immediate reactions
The Tree Project: a participatory art project that took place in the Soliman Abaza neighbourhood in Cairo. Residents and artists worked together on artistic designs for the trees of the neighbourhood and storytellers shared the narratives they had imagined for these trees. The material ranged from eco-friendly paint over cloth to light and sound.
Public Screening: 17 art videos from various countries were shown on a television set up in the street
Clowning: Two Egyptian artists performed as clowns in the metro carriages and at the stations.
Pantomiming: One Egyptian artist was pantomiming in the metro carriages and at the stations
Open space conference: An interactive process that invited different stakeholders within Mahatat’s network to theorise the concepts and definitions surrounding Mahatat’s work.

The publication with project details can be found here:


  • Ahmed Adel
  • Aida El-Kashef
  • Amany Atef
  • Amr Abdelazziz
  • Amr Arafa
  • Amr Okasha
  • Barbara Usai
  • Egy Flow –Parkour team
  • Carl Capelle
  • Eslam Hamed
  • Florence Moutin –Corville
  • Hmady Reda
  • Hanna Sistek
  • Hara T.V
  • Ingy Ahmed
  • Karima Mansour
  • Medhat Amin
  • Mina Nasr
  • Mohamed Hussien
  • Mohamed Khaled
  • Mona El masry
  • Maram Abdel Maqsod
  • Mustafa Nagah
  • Nagala kora
  • Nanna Guldhammer
  • Nefeli Zampeta
  • Noha Hesham
  • Paulina Almeida
  • K Capoeira group
  • Yara Mekawei

Project Partners

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, The British Council in EgyptEmbassy of the Federal Republic of Germany CairoLichter Filmfest Frankfurt International, Cairo Jazz Club Agency

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