sayes omourak

sayes omourak

From October 22 - 2015 to October 26-2015

“Four young men walk down the Manial Corniche in navy-blue overalls on a Monday afternoon. Young couples and middle-aged men on midday breaks sit around, while others pace up and down the river in a hurry. “Come see what we’ve got! A 15-minute play on the street!” the performers sing out to drum beats and a melodica as they make their way to a simple set-up of flipchart, cardboard box and dusty black cloth lying on the sidewalk further down the street”, states Mada Masr contributor Rowan El Shimi in her article ‘Young theater troupe Masl portray Egypt’s parking mafia in four cities’.

1167 passersby in Cairo, Port Said, Damietta and Mansoura were exposed to the dynamic performance by Masl Theatre Troupe. The title of the performing ‘Sayes Omourak’ – a colloquial term loosely translated as ‘take it easy’ especially in reference to problems. The content of the theatre troupe was inspired by Cairo’s infamous parking ‘mafia’ that claim spots on the street and pay people to park. The title is also a play on words, as ’sayes’ is the word used to describe the parking mafia themselves. Using play, music and visual art – the multidisciplinary street performance reflected many day-to-day frustrations in Egypt.


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