red tomato/outa hamra

red tomato/outa hamra

From 12.06.2015 to 16.06.2015

Social circus is a rising pedagogical and creative intervention due to its ability to entertain and engage people by giving them the license to be foolish. Outa Hamra, translated as Red Tomato, is a leading clown collective born out of Egypt. To quote Outa Hamra, “having fun is our serious business”. Through this frame of reference, Mahatat and Outa Hamra toured Cairo, Damietta, Port Said and Mansoura to bring social theatre and clowning to the streets. The troupe typically design their programs based on public performances to create a reaction space for high quality drama, particularly for marginalized communities. The positive reactions, mostly from children, garnered an audience of over 2260 for the 45-minute performances. The troupe succeeds in gathering people together to engage in the performances – leading in one of our highest tour audience numbers.


Outa Hamra

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The Drosos Foundation

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