From November 12 .2014 to December 15.2014

For many musicians in some parts of the world, musical performances in the street is a main source of outreach and engagement. For many audiences in some parts of the world, street music comes to animate everyday spaces and sometimes turn a whole day around. This is the spirit that El Mazzikateya hoped to capture in Egypt’s streets. As one of the members mentioned, “The street is different than the stage. We don’t know the audience and the audience doesn’t know us”. They see these shared spaces as a platform for musical production, and also a tool to make people happy. Their objective also delves into the art world, as they believe the street is the ultimate battle ground against the stigma of art as a field of profession. El Mazzikateya perform in unconventional spaces as well in the country, including the metro and even a plane!

For the tour with Mahatat, the group brought Egyptian folk tunes to the cities of Cairo, Port Said, Damietta and Mansoura. They jammed with artists from the city as the music travelled through the streets and reached over 1600 audience members in the Delta region.


El Mazzikateya: Ahmed Hayman, Khaled Senosi.

Ahmed Mohsen EL-Ashry, Samy Bakry (Port Said)

Sameh Samir (Damietta)

Mohamed Ali (Lute) (Mansoura)

Abdallah Abuzekry (Saz) (Cairo)

Project Partners

Drosos Foundation


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