culture puncture

culture puncture

From March 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014

CulturePuncture: a Toolkit for cultural operators to interact with their neighbourhood and identify public spaces for cultural interventions.

The toolkit aims to connect cultural spaces and entities to their social, cultural and geographic environment through a participatory mapping process. CulturePuncture combines two strong independent definitions: Culture and Acupuncture. The analogy with acupuncture is fascinating, as this traditional Chinese understanding defines the body as a balanced system with nodes, flows and pressure points. This is an attempt to apply this concept to the effects that cultural and artistic interventions might have on a defined territory and is fundamental to understanding the framework of a participatory exploration.

The purpose of this toolkit is to give inspiration as to how to identify physical locations in a neighbourhood as potential CulturePuncture spots as strategic and “neuralgic” points on which “to press” with a cultural intervention – just like in acupuncture – to have a positive effect on the whole territory through a simple and easily manageable 2-day exploration by members of a cultural organisation & more. The CulturePuncture project was created in March 2014 and carried out by MCE Productions and Mahatat for contemporary art throughout a year within the context of the Tandem/Shaml network, a cultural managers exchange program. The tools and tips emerged from the participatory explorations of MCE Productions’ Noailles neighbourhood in Marseille (France) in October 2014 and Mahatat for contemporary art’s Manial/ El Rohda neighbourhood in Cairo (Egypt) in November 2014.

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Project Partners

MCE Productions, European Cultural Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, DOEN, Mimeta, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, Mitost, MimetaAnadolu Kültür, Romain Quesada