art management workshop

From May 3, 2015 to May 23, 2015

8 artists and cultural entrepreneurs participated in a workshop on arts management in Damietta. 6 projects were supported through this training – including gallery spaces, Damietta’s first bookstore and art education programs for children. The workshop was organized by Mahatat as part of the Face to Face program to further the skills development of artists and emerging cultural operators through artistic and managerial workshops. This particular event was led by two trainers – Ahmed Korayam, an entrepreneur and educator, and Amira Shawky, owner and founder at Atobseroun for Business Coaching. It tackled a range of managerial skills, from planning to finance and marketing, followed by one-to-one sessions with participants.


Ahmed Korayam, Amira Shawky

Project Partners

Drosos Foundation