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Much like private and public spaces, urban myth and urban reality often converge. Abu El Hassan street is one of the oldest in Port Said, and on the 13th of October its residents kindly allowed us to perform from their balconies and streets. The performance begins at a home in the Arab quarters, where the dream-like lighting and moving shadows give us a sneak peak into the intimacy of family homes. A man appears out of the curtains and tells us he has just woken up from a dream – and is not sure whether he is still in one. His stories are amplified by the woman playing violin from the opposite building, as he explains that he sees demolished buildings, surprised to later discover that this is Port Said. We are then guided through the people that he met on his way – characters familiar to Port Said’s history but only recorded through oral narrative. Soon afterwards, baskets fall from the building, as a large part of Egyptian and particularly Port Saidi culture it is as a tool to send and receive different things into the home without having to leave or enter. The audiences are then presented with these baskets filled with photos and hangers. An immediate link is made between the rope surrounding the building and the photos that are to be hung. These photos have been gathered from the cities past and present, allowing for a temporary gallery before they are offered to the audience to take home. As part of the People and Heritage event taking place around Egypt, Port Said ala Adeemo and Mahatat joined together to present this theme in public space to over 250 people in the street.


Amira Adel (Violin), Mahmoud Eissa (Writer/storyteller), Mohamed Kamal Mohamed (Photographer/archivist), Mayar El-Tuhamy (Poet), Muayad Mahmoud (Guitarist), Mohamed Adly (Electric Guitarist), Ali Elbahrawy (Violinist), Farida Hammad (Artistic Director)

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