our work

We are facilitators, curators, consultants, and producers on matters related to arts in public space and community art.

at3-opera-on-balconies-mansoura2Public art displays and tours: bringing art to the people

Mahatat’s niche relies on its ability to take art to public spaces and streets. We have explored a variety of art forms, ranging from musical performances to visual installations. This is made possible through our solid network base in key cities and globally, as we work on promoting artistic productions to local, regional and international festivals.

Take a look at our wonderbox as well as the opera on balconies productions.

img_7358Together we create beautiful things: participatory art activities

Mahatat develops tailored artistic events for educational, vocational, team building or entertainment purposes – with the belief that engaging in creative practice should not be limited to professional artists. The implementation of these events is a process that involves conceptualization, logistics and curation with relevant professional artists.

Work with us on implementing the communal mosaic and imaginary land.

img_2668Encouraging artists, cultural operators and entrepreneurs: capacity building & training

With over 5 years in operation, Mahatat has developed the necessary know-how on arts in public space, participatory art and cultural management. We are well positioned to provide various practitioners with the tools necessary to develop through workshops, consultations, trainings, training of trainers (ToT) and skills exchange.

Learn more about our cultural management training and the disrupt for performing arts ideathon.

13731001_1526139890745399_975865355358973376_oWe share our experiences: research and knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge is essential to Mahatat’s mandate and this is reflected through the amount of documentation and toolkits that have been made available to the public.

Read our publication on how to transform abandoned spaces through the arts and how to identify public spaces for cultural interventions.