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As part of our mission to decentralize the arts, we took performances to the cities of Cairo, Damietta, Mansoura,and Port Said – across the Delta region, for the first time. Together with the cheerful and engaging Abou Kareem Marching Band (Oscarisma Studio), and the magnificent giant El Kosha Puppets, we wandered and performed throughout various neighborhoods in each city. This performances brough smiles to passersby and demonstrated the beauty of art in the streets. When they reached their final destinations, they performed for large audiences of nearly 2915 people across six locations.


Abou Kareem Marching Band (Oscarisma Studio): Ahmed Nagdy (Oscar), Ashraf Ousha, Mohamed Bondok, Shady Maher, Ossamo Ousso, Islam Magdy (Simba), Helal Al Hakemy
El Kosha Puppets: Nasseif Azmy, Yousif Bagato, Mahmoud Nabih, Islam El-Sharqawy, Hani Homos

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