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“What better than our own streets and alleys to sense and get a feel of where we’re at. Behaviour, commentary, attitude and the resulting dynamics, are nothing but a reflection on the current state of affairs we’ve reached, where and how we relate to each other or not, says it all. Bringing people together and have them play ball, can be very revealing…”, says Artistic Director and Choreographer Karima Mansour regarding the motivation behind the ‘Dance in Transit’ performance.

Mahatat for contemporary art approached Mansour and her students at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) to create a dance performance specifically to tour the streets of Egypt. The result is a charged, magnetic and expressive display choreographed by Karima Mansour in collaboration with dancers and performers Nermine Habib, Ibrahim Abdou and Shady Abdel Rahman. The performance cleverly touches upon issues of public space, the intrusiveness of society, and sexual harassment through movement, music and speech in the current vernacular. Feedback from audiences following the tour, estimated at over 2000 people across four Delta cities, reflects that this performance mirrors the country’s day-to-day realities and invites viewers to question their own forms of behavior.


Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC), Karima Mansour (Artistic Director & Choreographer), Nermine Habib (Contemporary Dancer), Ibrahim Abdou (Contemporary Dancer), Shady Abdel Rahman (Contemporary Dancer)

Project Partners

Drosos Foundation, British Council in Egypt


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