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In 2012, together with artists Mahatat implemented the participatory public art ‘Communal Mosaic’ as part of the ‘Farah al Bahr’ festival organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation to celebrate cultural diversity. Based on the success of this program, Mahatat again approached Alexandrian artist Dahlia Refaat to bring the mosaic to the neighborhood of El Manial in Cairo. This program was the third collaboration between Mahatat and the governmental entity the Research and Documentation Center for Children’s Literature (RDCCL).

Through the artistic direction of Refaat, tables were set up in different areas of El Manial over the course of four days. The tables were designed to be pop-up and temporal stations with tubes of different coloured paint, paintbrushes and coloured papers for passersby to transit through. The 330 participants, composed of mostly children, were asked to focus on colouring and not drawing – creating a more inclusive activity. The coloured cards were then joined together to create a large Mosaic to be left as a street installation.


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