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Co-writing lab: Tales of Art and Public Space in the Arab World

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The Co-writing lab is a online space to document shared experiences, ideas and methods.

The lab developed based on a philosophy that learning and knowledge sharing offers possibility and collaboration networks. When it comes to the community art and art in public space scene in the Arab world, there are various stakeholders with vast knowledge, but little documentation with the intent to share knowledge among and beyond the community of practitioners.

There are various experts in the field of community theater, art in public space, street-art, and others. Their knowledge, however, often remains tacit and is most often transmitted in limited circles and not made explicit. Simultaneously, there are many activities regarding art in public space and community art happening all over the MENA region, but the documentation of these experiences are often neglected and are inaccessible to the community of art practitioners and workers in civil society. As a result, contemporary art in public space and community art in the Arab region lacks documentation, theorization and documented tools.

This event is a three-day co-writing lab focusing on “Tales of Art and Public Space in the Arab World” between 1st of April and 3rd of April 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. Over 50 professional artists and art practitioners from all over the Arab world working in the fields of community-based and public art will come together to share, reflect on and document their practice.

The combined content will be documented through an open-source and online publication in Arabic, English, and French. They will be a compilation of different presentations, discussions, and sessions that have occurred in the course of the lab by the various participants.

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