heba el cheikh

Managing Director

Cultural manager Heba ElCheikh studied French, translation and journalism, and in 2012 she completed her Masters degree in Art Management, with a focus on community arts and evaluation at Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. In 2011, she co-founded Mahatat for contemporary art. She believes in democratization of the arts, and as such has worked to decentralize and make them available to everyone through art in public spaces and community art projects. Her professional experience ranges from management training and facilitating, interpreting and journalism (radio and print media), to website editing. In 2009, she co-founded The “Journey Cultural Group” in Alexandria, aiming to promote youth creativity and critical thinking through culture and the arts. Having travelled to Morocco, France, Spain, Kenya, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Syria, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA, Heba ElCheikh has published fieldwork-based articles in French and Arabic weeklies and magazines, and covers art and travel, local community life style, culture and legacy.


Karima Mansour

Karima Mansour graduated with both a B.A and a Masters degree in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, London, England after having completed her B.A in Film from the High Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt. Upon her return to Egypt she founded her company MAAT for Contemporary Dance in1999, the first Independent dance company to be established in the country. Since then she has created 18 full choreographic works that continue to be performed in various International festivals, as well as more than 20 various collaborations in Theatre and Film.

Karima has also formed MAAT Dance M.E.C.A (MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art) which is an initiative that continues with the work MAAT has been busy with throughout the years of developing dance through choreographic works and organised workshops, that are taught by Karima Mansour and/or invited guests from all over the world, including dance film screenings and discussions revolving around the topic of dance and choreography.

Karima Mansour has been a teacher for the Cairo Opera Dance Theatre Company In 98, an Assistant Professor at the Ballet Institute, Academy of Arts 1999 to 2000, Adjunct Professor of Dance, as part of PVA (Performance and Visual Arts Department) at The American University In Cairo (Fall of 2010). Mansour is current founder & Artistic Director of the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC, operating under the umbrella of Maat Dance M.E.C.A. Mansour continues to works as free-lance teacher nationally and internationally while creating, performing and developing her own choreographic work and language as an artist.

كريمة منصور

حصلت علي البكالوريوس والماجستير في الرقص المعاصرمن كلية لندن للرقص المعاصر، لندن، انجلترا بعد أن أكملت شهادة البكالوريوس في السينما من المعهد العالي للسينما. أسست كريمة منصور فرقة معت للرقص المعاصر، وهي أول فرقة مستقلة للرقص المعاصر في مصر، ومنذ ذلك الوقت، أخرجت ١٦ عرض راقص حتي الآن، يتم عرضهم في مهرجانات دولية مختلفة وأكثر من ٢٠ عمل تعاوني في المسرح والسينما.

عملت كريمة منصور كمدربة لفرقة الرقص المسرحي الحديث بدار الأوبرا المصرية عام 1998، وعملت كمدرس مساعد في معهد الباليه، بأكاديمية الفنون منذ ١٩٩٩ حتي ٢٠٠٠، وأستاذ مساعد في قسم الأداء وإدارة الفنون البصرية بالجامعة الأمريكية في القاهرة (خريف ٢٠١٠). كما تم تكليف كريمه منصور بمنصب المدير الفني لخلق مشروع مركز القاهره للرقص المعاصرداخل مركز الإبداع الفني التابع لوزارة الثقافة، قبل استقلال مركز القاهرة للرقص المعاصر كمشروع مستقل تحت إشراف معت للفن المعاصر. تعمل كريمة منصور كمدربة مستقله محليًا ودوليًا في حين تعمل أيضاً علي إنشاء وتطوير عملها الفني الخاص بلغة الرقص المعاصر كما أنها أيضاً المؤسسة والمديرة الفنية لمركز القاهرة للرقص المعاصر.


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