Abdulrahman El-Taliawi

September 6, 2017

Categories: advisory board
MSc Architect Taliawi is a Cairo-based practicing Architect and Writer. He acquired his Bachelor degree from the school of Fine Arts in 2007 before embarking on a professional architectural career in Sinai, New York and Milan. He acquired his Master of Science degree in 2013 from Politecnico di Milano on the topic of Urban Voids as Infrastructural Architecture. He is currently the Managing Architect of Tasmimat, a Cairo-based design studio. He is also a co-founder of Boldan, an initiative for the exploration and documentation of earthen vernacular architecture. Taliawi’s research interests draw upon a diverse range of disciplines and include contemporary and vernacular architecture, literary space and the architecture of the text on which he frequently writes in his blog Becoming Taliawi.