• About mahatat

    A Cairo-based social and cultural enterprise founded in 2011. Through contemporary art practices, Mahatat seeks to transform public spaces, create opportunities for exposure to the arts and offer needs-based learning experiences to artists, practitioners and entrepreneurs.

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  • Our Work

    We are facilitators, curators, consultants, and producers on matters related to arts in public space and community art. Collaborate with us

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  • Projects

    Opera on balconies, a wonderbox tour, street theatre, circus in the metro, a communal mosaic, marching band on the road, to name but a few…

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محطات تبحث عن مساعد مشاركة مجتمعية متفانٍ
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محطات تبحث عن مساعد مشاركة مجتمعية متفانٍ محطات للفن المعاصر، شركة تعمل في مجال الفن في الأماكن العامة والفن المجتمعي في مصر، ومقرها القاهرة. نحن نبحث عن مساعد دمج مجتمعي متفانٍ لينضم إلى فريق عملنا، وذلك لمدة تسعة أشهر، قابلة للتجديد، ابتداءً من ابريل 2017. سوف يعمل الشخص الذي سوف يتم اختياره جنبًا إلى جنب […]

Mosaic The Play Cave
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Mosaic Edition 5+6 Saturday 11th of February 2016 was our final day at Ezbet Khairallah working with Ruwwad and Tawasol and in partnership with Drosos Foundation on our #upcycling project installment for the local community as part of Mosaic for this year. And you can tell we had so much fun!!! Special thanks to the […]

Networking Meeting – لقاء تعارف وتشارك
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Mahatat for Contemporary Art is happy to invite you to join a networking event as part of the Co-writing Lab program “Tales of Art in Public Space and Community Art” on Saturday, April,1st at Greek Campus from 6:30 – 9:30 pm Find out more on the event page  

We are hiring! Business Development Director
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Mahatat is Recruiting for the Love of the Arts: Business Development Director Since its establishment in 2011, Mahatat for contemporary art has unleashed inspiration and creativity, spread joy and entertainment amongst audiences, artists and the participants of our activities. We offer unique artistic experiences by organizing performances in public spaces and streets. We decentralize the […]

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